Pacific West Coast Rainforest Tour

On an overcast June(uary) day in Vancouver, I took two grade 8s on a tour of Burnaby's central park. Burnaby Central Park is an example of a pacific west coast rainforest. It is a very diverse climate with numerous amounts of plants and animals. The animals (particularly squirrels) have adapted to the human use of the park and constantly ignore their natural fears and come up to people looking for food. This is an adaptation from the squirrels to survive. We walked through the forest, collecting samples of trees and other plants such as the Douglas Fir, Cedar and Sword fern while I explained how it was new growth forest. The forest had previously been used by the Royal Navy to build masts for ships and some of the stumps that were much`bigger than the current trees were the trees that were used to build masts. The wildlife consisted of squirrels and birds (mostly Crows) but when the class was there we saw a woodpecker. This was a very enjoyable field trip.


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